/past-designs – a lookbook of my previous site designs and concepts. I like to experiment and then write about it.


Nov. 2022

Homepage redesign with chat bubbles.

A photo of pink clouds. Next to it is a short bio where I introduce myself and my site, styled to look like text bubbles.
an introduction to myself, like i am texting you

The Book

May 2022

Major redesign of the overall site (which is still in use, as of June 2023), as well as a fancy little homepage.

Fonts: Tiempos Text Tiempos Headline Inconsolata

The homepage. There's a hidden feature here.
Journal page.

Dark mode again, in pink and green

Mar. 2022

Site redesign.

Fonts: Be Vietnam Pro Neue Machina Space Mono

Anh Visual Novel

Nov. 2021

Visual novel homepage—riffing on my url ‘anhvn.’ My first weird experiment.

Fonts: Inconsolata

Trendy light mode

Nov. 2021

Site redesign. I finally bought a license to Tiempos Text, one of my favourite serif fonts, and tried out light mode.

Fonts: Tiempos Text Tiempos Headline Hatton Inconsolata

Dark mode

??? 2021

Site redesign. Very olde.

Fonts: Span Inter Inconsolata

The Original

Fall 2020

The original site design upon launch.

Fonts: Span Trade Gothic Next Odisseia