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An Introduction to the Designer

pronounced like 'Ann'

I'm Anh, a designer and artist based in Canada. I like making websites and creating art!

Currently, I'm working on various personal projects. Online, I'm tending to this website and tinkering with side projects. In the physical realm, I'm designing DSA Gardenfall, a set of keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

This is my personal website. I'm interested in cultivating my own digital space that I control, away from social media networks. I write about this site on my website meta page. Press the button

I’m available for freelance! Please say hi on Twitter or send an email if you would like to make cool websites together.


I write about my website and side projects, and occasionally other things. Here are some highlights:

date name summary
22 May 2022 Quick notes on the book I redesigned my website and now I must tell you about it
14 Dec 2021 I love my website
24 Nov 2021 Website Visual Novel The process of building out my visual novel site.

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Concert photo of Sunmi playing the bass. Zoomed in concert photo of Sunmi as she's singing under purple and blue lights. A far-away concert photo of Sunmi, who's wearing a red dress and speaking to the audience.

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Media Diary

Fig. 3 – Film/TV

Jet Lag: The Game (season 1) poster Jet Lag: The Game (season 1) yes I am reinventing letterboxd

Fig. 4 – Music

Talk that Talk TWICE

on repeat

Fig. 5 – Games

Destiny 2

Fig. 6 – Books

Field Notes on Science & Nature cover Field Notes on Science & Nature Michael R. Canfield (editor)

This section is intentionally left blank.

for now…


I draw for fun, and on occasion, for work! But my fun fanart stuff is the highlight.

Sketch of a cat girl smiling at you.
Fig. 7 – ffxiv fanart
Sketch of a man driving a car.
Fig. 8 – study from La La Land
Cropped sketch of a woman's torso.