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An Introduction to the Designer

pronounced like 'Ann'

I'm Anh, a designer and artist based in Canada. I like making websites and creating art!

Currently, I'm working on various personal projects. Online, I'm tending to this website and tinkering with side projects. In the physical realm, I'm designing DSA Gardenfall, a set of keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

This is my personal website. I'm interested in cultivating my own digital space that I control, away from social media networks. I write about this site on my website meta page. Press the button

I’m available for work! Please say hi on Twitter or send an email if you would like to make cool websites together.

Recent Web Design

personal project


What it is A to-do app that lives in your browser, with data saved locally. The design emulates a physical notebook.

Why I made this I'm learning JavaScript, and making a to-do app involves working with data. I also wanted to make something cute.

My favourite thing about it You can open two notes at once, side-by-side, which sounds basic but is something I wish were more prevalent!

The app, which looks like an open notebook, with various cards overlapping it.
Fig. 1 – browsernote's notes list and task interface. New features become overlapping UI elements, like adding cards to a notebook.
my other favourite thing: the overlapping UI elements emulate physical cards, which I find satisfying (like this post-it note!)
personal website redesign

Website Visual Novel

What it is My website, designed as a visual novel / choose-your-own-adventure experience, complete with pixel artwork.

Why I made this I wanted to riff on my domain name, in which ‘vn’ can stand for ‘visual novel.’ I also like video games, and wanted to do something fun with my website.

My favourite thing about it The snackbar section, which is entirely decorative rather than meaningful, and the ‘secret’ pages.

Various pixel sprites, such as of: a laptop, my head, some hot drinks.
Fig. 2 – pixel artwork from the novel.
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Writing & Musings

This is my blog! I write about my website and side projects, and occasionally other things.

date name summary
1 Apr 2022
eventually, everyone tries to build a to do app. this is a process journal.
17 Jan 2022
how many things can possibly go wrong
1 Jan 2022
fixing my site redesign details

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Media Diary

Fig. 3 – Film/TV

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness poster

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

yes I am reinventing letterboxd

Fig. 4 – Music

Feel My Rhythm Red Velvet

on repeat

Fig. 5 – Games

Destiny 2

This section is intentionally left blank.

for now…


I draw for fun, and on occasion, for work! But my fun fanart stuff is the highlight.

Sketch of a cat girl smiling at you.
Fig. 6 – ffxiv fanart
Sketch of a man driving a car.
Fig. 7 – study from La La Land
Cropped sketch of a woman's torso.