Comic preview: The dialogue 'what is this place?', and a closeup of my eyes looking at you.
version noir, aka my homepage (apr 2024)
Comic preview: a shot of telephone poles and mountains. The text reads, 'These days, I feel more appreciative of art. I think, AI can't make this.'
preview of weeknotes 11 (feb 29, 2024)
Comic preview: 'As more time passes since my last weeknote / I feel more and more stressed about the number of things I need to cover / and feel too overwhelmed to start the next weeknote.' A vignette of myself passing time.
preview of weeknotes 9 (jan 12, 2024)
Six panel comic: 1. Sliding fried eggs onto a bowl of rice. 2. Excitedly pouring sesame oil on it. 3. Going ‘ah that’s too much’ and stopping. 4. I realize something. 5. I’m holding rice vinegar. 6. I simply. Stare at what I have done.
made lunch (jan 5, 2024)

Six panel comic, titled ‘food coma.’ 1. I sit at my desk and think ‘aight I’ll do XYZ after dinner.’ 2. I make dinner. 3. I eat it. 4. I’m done eating. 5. I stare into space. 6. I think about napping.
dec 28, 2023
Two panel comic, drawn in purple ink. 1) Me hunched over, face on my desk, in a pose of defeat. 2) Close up of me stone-faced and crying, with the caption ‘I can’t’.
website process (dec 9, 2023)
Two panel comic. 1) titled ‘watching cooking videos at 3am while in bed.’ Panel shows me lying down and looking at my phone on my side, saying ‘wow I should make that.’ 2) titled ‘lunch time reality.’ Panel shows me sitting at my desk looking into space, saying ‘boil water hard. Guess I’ll sit here and die.’
the 3am cooking video bestows the same grand ambition as walking around a library does (nov 28, 2023)
Four panel comic titled ‘Website Process’. 1) Me at my desk staring into space and looking dazed, with a speech bubble going ‘…’. 2) me still at my desk, and an even longer ellipsis. 3) I have an epiphany. 4) I’m tapping on my keyboard.
nov 23, 2023
One panel comic titled ‘Every day since I watched Spider-Verse. In the panel I’m leaning back in my chair and the text reads ‘hmm I have no evening plans. What if I watched spiderverse again’
10 A.S.V. (After Spider-Verse) – what’s stopping me
4 panel comic. Panel 1: chat bubbles with Purolator, where I write ‘can I update my shipping’ and they respond ‘contact best buy’. Panel 2: me, expressionless. Panel 3: chat with Best Buy, I write ‘can I update my shipping’ and they respond ‘contact purolator’. Panel 4: me, dead inside. The whole comic is badly drawn
may 16, 2023 – trying to get my tears of the kingdom copy

Two panel comic. Panel 1: I’m slouched over my desk and thinking ‘is it time for a stupid little walk.’ Panel 2: it shifts perspective to look over my shoulder out the window behind my monitor, where a large sun with a threatening smiley face is looking back at me. The panel caption reads ‘3pm direct sunlight.’
sep 19, 2022