Weeknotes 9

As more time passes since my last weeknote

I feel more and more stressed about the number of things I need to cover

and feel too overwhelmed to start the next weeknote

I tuck some hair behind my ear.
Mid-December, marked on a calendar.
I drink a drink.
End of December.
I look at my phone.
It's January.

sitting down to write

and not writing.

On my computer, looking at windows.

So, I've decided. I don't have to write a long review every month.

There are no rules!

I'm going to write this in a format that currently brings me joy.

Me, stern-faced, holding up a hand that presents 'Weeknotes 9', surrounded by sparkles.

(fun comic edition)

Me, a cute cartoon, holding up a hand and presenting my two latest design projects.

Redesigned my website and recapped my media

My partner and I snuggled in a blanket; I'm delightedly clutching my face.

Watched a lot of TV

I'm slouched on my desk, empty-headed.


My game character getting chased by a shark, as I dramatically scream 'nooooo.'

Played Dave the Diver (and got eaten by sharks)

I stare riveted and blank-eyed at my phone, which is an inch from my face.

Saved things to read (and didn't read them)

I play on my computer keyboard, thoughts full of cute blocky game pieces.

Played Garden Galaxy

That's all, folks!