Hourly Comic Day 2024

Two panel comic, drawn digitally, for 8am: 1. My phone alarm loudly wakes me up. 2. I hold an empty jar in my hands, tears running down my face—I ran out of coffee grounds.
9am: I’m working at my desk, bleary-eyed, and drinking tea. 10am: I’m alert and in a meeting.
11am: I’m working, tired once again, now eating oranges. I look out the window and realize there are window washers today.
12pm: I’m putting stuff into a bag, getting ready to head out. Then I’m enjoying an empty theatre, watching Across the Spider-Verse (for the nth time).
1pm: Movie frameof Miles and Gwen sitting next to each other with their hands close, but not touching. 2pm: I’m grocery shopping and carrying a heavy bag.
3pm: Catching up on hourlies at my desk, and making lunch
4pm: working and eating at my desk. 5pm: working and looking tearfully into my mug, going ‘save me, tea latte’
6pm: Play Destiny at my desk. 7pm: just a panel with text that says ‘more drawing’
8pm: Work and think about dinner. 9pm: Make dinner. I’m looking down at my pot of food with an evil expression.
anya forger energy