Hourly Comic Day 2023

Hourly Comic Day is an annual event on February 1 where artists document every hour of their day. I’ve been doing this every year, in varying degrees of incompletion, for a long time. Here’s 2023, which was adventurous because I moved that day.

Two panel comic for 7am. First panel: my phone alarm wakes me up. I look grumpy and have the thought ‘fuck’ above my head. Second panel: I am unscrewing IKEA table legs.
8am comic. First panel: taping up moving boxes with a loud KZZZZT sound effect. Second panel: drinking coffee, thinking ‘phew’
I drew and took this picture while on the skytrain, hence the blurriness.
9am. First panel: movers arrive, and I go greet them. Second panel: I’m tired and sleepy on the skytrain
10am. First panel: movers finish unloading stuff, and I’m sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes with hearts over me. Second panel: I’m tearing up and going ‘uwu’
11am. First panel: shopping. I’m crouching in front of a shelf holding an item. Second panel: sitting on the floor and screwing ikea table legs back on
12pm. First panel: Cleaning time, as I look at a stack of 4 boxes where my cleaning supplies are in the 2nd box from the bottom. Second panel: realizing the top two boxes are both too heavy to move to reach the cleaning box.
1pm. One panel comic showing three versions of myself with the caption ‘more shopping.’ First me is looking around, thinking ‘where thing’. Second me is looking at my phone googling ‘does store sell thing’ ‘no’ ‘neat’. Third me is tired and slouched on a sofa thinking ‘shout out to sofas in the home section.’
2pm. Lunch time (wine time). I am sitting looking contentedly at my glass of wine.
3pm. Catching up on hourlies at lunch. I’m drawing while still enjoying my wine.
4pm. Unpacking. I’m rifling through open cardboard boxes.
5pm, nap. I’m drooling and napping next to my phone. 6pm, boyfriend comes help me unpack. I’m jumping excitedly at him going ‘hiiiii’. The quality is noticeably bad.
7pm, dinner (with artistic license). A very poorly drawn picture of me eating noodles. 8pm is just a panel of text: ‘literally too tired to keep going; thanks for reading’