Website Tasks

writing down my to do’s here because otherwise I keep forgetting what I wanted to do, and then on weekends when I’m like ‘what shall I do to my website’ I have no idea.

related: website changelog

in progress (sort of lol)

  • light mode
  • photos 2024
  • /uses

to do (concrete, new)

  • image optimization / processing (see: eleventy transform)
  • custom markdown with markdown-it-container
  • filtering for games collection
  • ‘currently reading’ for comics for reading list
  • reinvent myanimelist
  • backfill my tv shows from ye olden years of tv watching
  • filtering for my blog posts

to do (fixes)

  • remove the duplicate date element on these digital garden posts lol
  • fix errant spoiler tags
  • fix places where <mark> usage/non-usage is wrong
  • ‘fix’ my ‘css’

to do (nebulous)

  • make new homepage done! (apr. 3, 2024)
  • new about page ?
  • use fraunces somehow
  • tools page
  • blogroll page thing

blog post ideas

idk if i will do these

  • screed against annoying, intrusive software, particularly under the guise of ‘friendliness’ and personification
  • montreal post