A black and white headshot of me, an Asian woman with short hair.


a personal website

A pale blue sky at dusk with pink clouds.

Some things I do on my website

Looking up at vibrant pink cherry blossom trees.

A table with a small sketchbook, an assortment of pencils, a cup of coffee, and a film camera.

A list of books I've read this year. At the top is Dune.

A dramatic sunbeam over a magazine, next to some iced drinks and red flower petals.

An ink sketch of a pair of hands, pouring a liquid from one container into another glass.

Experiments on here

A cartoon headshot of myself with my site name 'anhvn' underneath. The next section is a table of contents.

The first screen of my visual novel, featuring four options for the reader to pick from.

Currently, now, I am doing

A blurry screenshot of my character in Destiny looking at their phone.