Sketches 2024

Ink headshot sketch of Nyx looking sternly to the side. Her hair is very big.
nyx from hades
Doodle of myself posed like the New Yorker mascot guy.
Sketches of myself: wearing a long coat and pants; a cap, big scarf, and short coat; cropped pants and plain top, holding coffee. All outfits are black. Overlapping sketches show closeups like jewelry and clothing details.
commemorating the fits (weeknotes #12)
Doodle of the protagonist of Transistor, holding the sword in front of her, concealing half her face.
Ink sketch of a hand holding an Apple pencil.
one of a few sketches from weeknotes #10
Ink sketch of the counter at a cafe, featuring various signage, a glass display case, and other cafe goods. In the foreground is a chair and table.
A rough painting of a purple, yellow, and orange sky at sunset, framed by shadowed buildings and power lines. The brush strokes are large and noisy; the trees are poorly scribbled.
study of a sunset photo i took / playing with webbypaint