Sketches 2022

Ink drawing of Ningguang, shaded with grey markers and accented with gold ink.
So I added the gold because I made a mistake that I needed to fix somehow, and then it turned into a whole gold ink accenting thing.
Ink drawing of Layla, coloured in with grey markers.
Layla from Genshin Impact. I haven't properly inked and coloured something with markers in a while.
Close up of Layla’s face.
Black and white drawing on Ningguang from Genshin Impact holding a pipe and looking at the viewer
Ningguang from Genshin Impact
Messy pencil sketches of Ningguang and Mona
Ningguang and Mona. Their character designs are so pretty.
Three panels of ink sketches: first is a foyer, full of picture frames; then a close up of plants on and around a side table; then a close up of a framed picture, behind the plant, of a female figure.
A few ink sketches: a narrow residential street in Japan, hands pouring coffee into a glass, the back of a man’s head, and a cat sitting inside a vintage television set.
photo studies from unsplash
Ink studies, six frames. #1: A closeup of a figure’s hands, lying on a bed. #2: Someone looking out the window to a chaotic street. #3: A silhouette of a man in front of a window, holding something. #4: A shadowed figure at the bottom of some steps. #5: A man sitting in a chair, tipping backwards into a bathtub. #6: Two figures on a street that’s folded into a 90 degree angle towards them.
frames from Inception
Sketch of an old tv set, a record player, and a handheld gaming console in a living room setting.
for my still-incomplete ‘webcomic’ project
Two drawings of myself. The first is a cartoon version, with pink lighting. The second is a more realistic sketch.
style testing
Headshot sketch of Billie Eilish.
Billie Eilish, Met Gala 2022
Various frames from Dune drawn in ink.
Gesture drawings.
studies. from
Pinup sketch of a mischievous cat girl.
my character from ffxiv
Pinup sketch of Paloma from No Time To Die.
Paloma (No Time To Die)