Destiny Fanart

Mar 6 2021

Fanart sketch dump of the game Destiny 2, my latest obsession.

Hunter character in this season's celestial armor.

The season's celestial armour is so good.

Hunter character.

Crota's End armour from Destiny 1

Hunter character walking and holding up a gun.

drawing the new hunter armour teased in this blog post

Hunter character, back view.

i had to make up the back view

Somewhat modernized version of the hunter armour, featuring a fanny pack.


My guardian holding a giant sword.

the lament

My guardian with a new helmet designed like a stag skull.

My guardian.

i am enjoying not needing to draw faces

Hugging a goose that's honking.

mint hugs a feathered friend

Shooting a gun that has a goose head.


Pencil sketch, sitting and holding a big bow.


Inked version, with the bow in gold ink.

inked. i really like the new bow this season (s13)

My guardian taking a selfie with a peace sign.

i wish i had the selfie emote

Various ink sketches of my guardian posing, with one saying 'poggers.'