Destiny Fanart

Fanart sketch dump of the game Destiny 2.


Warlock kneeling on the ground in athleisure.
daito, but make it athleisure
Guardian half-lying on the ground and posing, wearing athleisure.
crop top
Warlock in the Vow raid armour holding out the skirt like a dancer.
vow chest piece is nice
Warlock with a void grenade, sticking out her leg.
Titan kneeling on the ground, posed to take a mirror selfie.
Warlock with a spiky helmet looking down at the viewer.
Warlock holding up her hand to her Ghost.
more void


Female warlock with the clam ghost shell.

my warlock

Cartoony hunter and warlock looking up directions on their phone.

looking up where to go next

Warlock lying in a flower garden.

break time in the garden of salvation

Inked drawing of a guardian sitting and holding a big bow.

ticuu's divination is great

Hunting posing with a gun.

kind of enjoying the challenge of drawing complicated armour designs, but also not really satisfied with the results. after I finished this I saw all the things wrong with it, but ah well. I can identify what to fix, so next time will be better. this is the last wish raid armour.

Hunter holding a long scout rifle.

guns are hard to draw, and drawing hands holding them is even harder. This is Dead Man's Tale, my current favourite. (also, I later realized the hand is in the wrong position, oops)

Hunter sitting and drinking bubble tea.

waiting to raid. I drew this when we were running master VOG and waiting around a lot.

Titan sitting on the ground looking dejected with a raid banner.

waiting to raid

Hunter character.

Crota's End armour from Destiny 1

My guardian holding a giant sword.

the lament

Hunter character walking and holding up a gun.

drawing the new hunter armour teased in this blog post

Hunter character, back view.

i had to make up the back view