Weeknotes 13


I finally made a new homepage, and wrote about it in my last blog post.

  • Art in the Pre-Apocalypse by Jacob Geller – a video essay! about games and movies and the end of the world. It’s lovely. I’ve had this saved to watch for a long while now.
  • Christopher Kirk-Nielsen’s website redesign is so stylish and 80s.
  • F.C. Variable by Rob en Robin – what a cool use of illustration as a variable font!!!
  • Indoor Kid by David Jonathan Ross – what a cool variable font designed for comic lettering!!!
  • Johannes Klingebiel’s website – is this the most beautiful personal website in the world? Perhaps. I love the fonts (calendas by atipo foundry…when will I get over oldstyle serifs?); the sidenotes (love em); and the digital garden is so organized and pretty, it makes me want to redo mine.
  • What You Need to Know about Modern CSS (Spring 2024 Edition) by Chris Coyier via Frontend Masters
    • He wisely noted, ‘Feels like we need a few years for the latest CSS to settle in and become part of regular usage. Even if you know about the stuff, it takes time to build the muscle memory around it.’
    • so tru lmao
    • though in all seriousness, I scrape by with the bare minimum css knowledge needed to make my site work, so there’s a wild amount of new things I don’t even know about. This article is a good, digestible summary of some super cool stuff. I feel like I need to refactor my whole website to use it!! (though more likely: I make some new one-off thing)


Destiny screenshot of a little tabby cat, surrounded by guardians looking down at it.
you can’t pet the cat but you can look lovingly at it while it just chills amid broken ghost shell pieces. also: coldheart my beloved
  • There was a new Destiny 2 content drop on Tuesday, and lots of exciting news announced about the upcoming expansion in two months, so naturally I have been reconsumed by it. Nothing does hype like Destiny does hype.
  • I’m enjoying Khruangbin’s new album A LA SALA. There’s a cool animated music video for one of the singles, May Ninth, and an article about it on It’s Nice That.


I bought a couple of art books: SKETCH by Terada Katsuya and Unknown Pleasures by Tomer Hanuka.

Two art books. SKETCH's cover features an ink drawing full of detailed cross-hatching. Unknown Pleasures' cover is colourful.
ugh, gorgeous gorgeous

I went to a cute cafe to draw, and then out to dinner that I’m still thinking about.

Cozy cafe interior full of worn wooden surfaces. The wall is full of portrait paintings with mismatched frames.
the walls were full of cool portraits
Cafe table with two lattes, and sketches on an iPad and notebook.
working on version noir
A plate of udon with greens and a poached egg, and a bowl of bibimbap.
truffle carbonara udon / seafood bibimbap. ugh, i’m still thinking about it.

art vs artist

I was poking around some old files and rediscovered my 2023 art vs artist grid that I started making and never posted. Here it is:

Three by three grid, showing thumbnails of 8 pieces of artwork—mostly sketches—and a selfie of myself.