good week for gamers

I feel like this week has been an exceptionally good week for gamers, which has filled me with a sense of deep appreciation for getting into video games in the past few years.

  • a new season of Destiny started, which is always extremely exciting. I’m still kind of on burnout-sabbatical from it, but I look forward to every new release. New content is always fun to discover.
  • relatedly, a new dungeon in Destiny. I spent a few hours suffering through it tonight and it was an excellent (and frustrating) time. Dungeons/raids in Destiny are, I think, their best content and it is wonderful that we get a new one every season.
  • I started playing the demo for Garden Galaxy. I am completely enamoured by it and am very excited for the full game release (next week!!!)
  • Supergiant Games announced Hades II. I was watching the stream when the reveal trailer came on and I (internally) YELLED when the Hades riff played. I absolutely loved the first game when I played it and I’m so excited for the sequel.

All of these things felt quite wonderful.