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You can contact Anh through:

Some other assorted links that don’t fit anywhere else:

  • /uses – stuff she uses
  • Timeline – informal feed of design attempts
  • Photos – little pictures she takes on her phone

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teehee art

Closeup of a sketch of Billie Eilish.

i post sketches in my sketchbook!

drawing is a lifelong hobby for me and i try to make this place somewhere i feel comfortable sharing unpolished, imperfect, or otherwise embarrassing stuff

say hiiiii if u like art

Personal Playing Zelda

a new hope

hi there!

i’m anh, a designer and artist

this website is where i do silly web experiments and put all my personal content. it’s often experimental and messy so please pardon the dust!!


come say hi if u also enjoy personal websites!!



I’m Anh (pronounced like ‘Ann’), a designer and artist based in Canada. Currently, I design web things at a nice company.

Some things I do on this website: