Me reading a book, happy.

this was a good book

I close the book, happy.

better record it

Searching 'title' in a website searchbar.

[goodreads search]

Looking at my laptop, unimpressed, thinking 'dot dot dot.'

hmm. why is this ui


Holding out a sheet of paper, which has a smiley face on it

i drew a nice picture and want to share it :)

Badly drawn 'Tweet' interface, where 'Tweet' is in a bubble that goes outside of the panel.

Making a satisfied owo face.

Still owo, but with thinking hand

wait this is not a good archival system


Using laptop, straight-faced.

this is interesting right

Blocks of text, represented by messy rectangles.

i should write about it

Zoomed out shot of me using laptop.

someone else will appreciate it


not everyone. but someone.


Empty panel.

what if this is bad

Slouched in my chair, in the corner of the panel.

Empty panel.

why is it bad?

Sitting up straighter.

Me waving excitedly at the reader.