Sketches 2023

Digital illustration of myself drawn in the 'lofi beats girl' style. I'm sitting at my desk using a vintage computer and listening to music. A cat sits on the window sill next to me.
lofi beats anh
Small ink drawing of Nyx from the game Hades, drawn from bust up. Pencil lines are visible under the ink.
nyx (from hades)
Messy ink sketch of a Destiny 2 titan
d2 titan
Sketch of a marble sculpture of a woman resting against a wall.
montreal museum of fine arts
Ink sketch of a sculpture outside a cathedral, depicting a woman sitting with her arm extended above her, and an older man kneeling next to her.
outside mary, queen of the world cathedral
Holding up a sketchbook drawing of a cafe window. The window has a bunch of holiday decorations. Next to it are some shelves with jars and souvenirs.
Black and white ink drawing in a sketchbook of a cafe counter. There are lots of shelves and things on display.
Sketch of a room, shaded in black and white
The same room sketch, but in colour where light tones are a yellowish pink and dark tones and purple
guess who just learned about gradient mapping!!!!!
A few digital sketches of various women, drawn in a light blue textured pencil brush and inked on top with a darker blue solid brush.