Movie Frame Studies

I like to draw frames from movies. I use FILMGRAB and, or my own screenshots.


Sketch of Maggie Cheung reading a menu, seated in a restaurant booth.
in the mood for love
Sketch of Mariko from Shogun, wielding a polearm, referenced from episode 9.
Sketch of a frame from The Sympathizer, showing the captain walking up the stairs. His silhouette is visible on the wall beside him, and a mirror behind him shows his back.
the sympathizer
Ink sketches of movie frames from Doctor Sleep, Magnolia, and Birth.
Ink sketches of frames from Heavenly Creatures, Kramer vs Kramer, and Ingrid Goes West.


Ink sketch of two dancers standing against each other, faces close.
moulin rouge!
Ink sketch of two dancers embracing during a tango routine. The man has his face pressed into the woman’s shoulder and his hand around her back.
Two sketches. 1. Two silhouettes wearing helmets. One person is pointing in one direction. 2. a man is riding a motorcycle and looking at a plane lifting off in the sky.
Top Gun
Close up of one hand in another’s
Pride & Prejudice
A seated figure visible from behind, viewed through a circular opening in a wall
In the Mood for Love
Close up of a hand placed on top of a telephone, as if to pick it up.
In the Mood for Love


An overhead shot of a ring lying in an open hand. Large black parts of the frame are shaded with visibly wet ink.
Ocean's Eleven
Ink studies, six frames. #1: A closeup of a figure’s hands, lying on a bed. #2: Someone looking out the window to a chaotic street. #3: A silhouette of a man in front of a window, holding something. #4: A shadowed figure at the bottom of some steps. #5: A man sitting in a chair, tipping backwards into a bathtub. #6: Two figures on a street that’s folded into a 90 degree angle towards them.
Various frames from Dune drawn in ink.


Scenes include an empty road, Sebastian honking his car horn, Sebastian and Mia talking at a party, and Sebastian and Mia sitting on a bench.
La La Land