Movie Frame Studies

I like to draw frames from movies. I use FILMGRAB and


Two sketches. 1. Two silhouettes wearing helmets. One person is pointing in one direction. 2. a man is riding a motorcycle and looking at a plane lifting off in the sky.
Top Gun
Close up of one hand in another’s
Pride & Prejudice
A seated figure visible from behind, viewed through a circular opening in a wall
In the Mood for Love
Close up of a hand placed on top of a telephone, as if to pick it up.
In the Mood for Love


An overhead shot of a ring lying in an open hand. Large black parts of the frame are shaded with visibly wet ink.
Ocean's Eleven
Ink studies, six frames. #1: A closeup of a figure’s hands, lying on a bed. #2: Someone looking out the window to a chaotic street. #3: A silhouette of a man in front of a window, holding something. #4: A shadowed figure at the bottom of some steps. #5: A man sitting in a chair, tipping backwards into a bathtub. #6: Two figures on a street that’s folded into a 90 degree angle towards them.
Various frames from Dune drawn in ink.


Scenes include an empty road, Sebastian honking his car horn, Sebastian and Mia talking at a party, and Sebastian and Mia sitting on a bench.
La La Land