Creative pursuits

Here are some things I would like to tackle this year

  • Write a long, in-depth, high-effort blog post about some topic—my website, a project, a travel post, a setup post, whatever.
  • Experiment with lino printing
  • Experiment with and practice creating comics
    • Daily comics
    • Comic Anhs (in its initial incarnation)
    • A polished work (a short strip, a page…something more than a sketch)
  • Take a new self-portrait
  • Redesign my website
  • Practice writing fiction
    • Flash fiction
    • Comics
    • Poetry
  • Sell digital goods

I want to develop a habit of

  • Writing weeknotes regularly (once a month ish is good)
  • Putting more effort into writing my media reviews
  • Drawing digitally regularly
  • Doing art studies

Maybe not this year, but I want to try

  • Public speaking (talk, presentation, that sort of thing)
  • Creating tutorial / instructional content
  • Attending in-person meetups / events

Sometime in the future, I want to

  • Write a children’s book
  • Display my art in a public place (coffee shop, gallery)
  • Try drawing professionally (i.e. commercial artwork, editorial, otherwise get paid to draw. This may not be for me, but I want to be good enough to try it out.)