kicking off 2023 (in february, lol), with a quick note about something I want to do:

create small utility pages that I (and only me, this is not to satisfy anyone else) find useful, instead of googling them and having to fight junky SEO pages to get xyz info

example: I repeatedly google lorem ipsum to get the actual text to copy and paste into my mockups, but the results are always laden with junk—ads, superfluous ui elements, bonus trivia about the lorem ipsum origins…it’s not what I want when I go to look for it, so I should just create my own. I’ve been meaning to do that for a long while now but today was just the breaking point.

you can see it here: lorem ipsum. it’s not like, ground-breaking design, lmao, but I made it so:

  • nice, pleasant, sepia colour palette
  • nice, pleasant, highlight colour
  • big top padding for an easier target area to click and highlight text
  • no ui elements to complicate the click and highlighting text action; i.e. you can select all on the page and get the text
  • minimal css for fast loading

like, extremely basic stuff, but different from the top lorem ipsum search results. I enjoy having the knowledge to make this tiny incremental improvement to my experience.

other utilities I would like to create are:

  • frequently used kaomoji
  • frequently copy/pasted symbols (kind of WIP here: copypasta)
  • cheatsheets: regex, git, macos, vscode…