Refactoring the garbage

I finally went and fixed up how I was managing my data on my Lost Sectors and Nightfalls sites. When I first created them I structured the data by season, and now that multiple seasons have passed it was annoying to manage duplicate sets of data.

So instead of having a season-15.json and season-16.json and season-17.json and etc. forever and ever, I now have a single data.json and filter that in the JS to output the current season’s data. I really should have set it up that way in the beginning but the whole build process has been quick and dirty, so now I have fucked around and am finding out. As they say.

I have a lot of content to fill in now. I didn’t maintain the sites very well last season, because there was so much other stuff to do and I was getting tired of it, but I’m hoping this season I’ll be able to make them more useful. And maybe next season I’ll start ~marketing~ them? (i.e. actually promote them to people, since I do think there’s some utility in text-based, permanent reference sites.)