Games 2021

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    Games I played in 2021, continually updated. Really, this is going to be dominated by one game.

    Back 4 Blood

    Tried the beta version of it. It lagged a lot for me and eventually my game crashed. It was fun though, like Left 4 Dead 2 with better graphics. I didn’t quite understand the deck-building mechanic but was able to ignore that for the most part.

    Destiny 2

    I play this too much. It’s horrifying.

    My character taking a selfie with a thumbs up.

    selfie in my first run of expunge labyrinth

    Dishonored 2

    (in progress)

    On a boat outside the edge of the city.

    view from the end of the first mission

    Neko Atsume

    Returning to this. It’s cute.

    Stardew Valley

    I’ve abandoned my farm, my crops, and my wife. I logged in a couple of times to run around and be confused, and win the grange display contest.


    I’ve somehow gotten into Sudoku. I’ve been playing through the iOS app Good Sudoku, which has convenient hint / highlighting / annotation features to make solving puzzles faster and less tedious.

    I’ve progressed to doing Pro level puzzles (4th hardest level, of 5), but there are a few techniques that I’m still not able to recognize on my own. Currently, I always have to use a couple of hints to solve a puzzle.

    Twelve Minutes

    (in progress) Intriguing, though repetitive.