coming back to it

I stashed a ‘redesign’ in progress on another branch to write this post. I need to think more in increments rather than trying to do fewer but bigger changes. Incremental progress would be better than zero progress.

I felt like writing this note because I’m struggling with my ‘redesign’ and my larger website ambitions, because I think I’m lacking a reason for why I’m doing whatever I’m doing. Why do I want to redesign my site, aside from being bored of it? What am I trying to achieve with my new site that the current one doesn’t?

Trying to change and make stuff without a goal in mind (and not even a career/professional one, but just something to give me direction) has been challenging, so I should chill out on spinning my wheels and instead ideate a bit more. I’ve been out of the website loop for a long time as well, so my imagination is pretty limited.

Just. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. This note is so unsophisticated and unnecessary but I just need to publish it to get back into the swing of things.