Weeknotes, August

and autumn comes when you’re not yet done / with the summer passing by

mitski, francis forever

little websites

Predictably, I made a little website for Destiny 2. It’s for Lost Sectors, a type of activity that rotates every day. I would check a daily Reddit thread every day to see what the day’s rotation was, so I decided to make my own site that cycles through it.

It’s still a work in progress. I have to update the info, check over my timezone stuff, write a better calendar script, and other things. I’m embarrassed by how rudimentary the code is, which makes me not want to share this publicly because I feel like some engineering dude will look at it and make fun of it for being stupid. Of course, that’s an irrational fear (literally, who cares), but I’m always hyperaware of Destiny being a very male-dominated space.


I’m watching so many movies. I watched a bunch of Spider-Man movies over the past couple of weeks, and now I think I’m tired of Spider-Man. I’m also drawing a bit more as I watch movies in the background, which is nice.


This was going to be more substantial, but it’s not. I did not have a substantial August? Trying to be okay with that.