Weeknotes, spring

It feels weird to fire up the old personal website blog after straight up ignoring it for five months.

What’s happened?


Probably the most significant life update is that I started playing Destiny 2. I don’t recommend reaching my comically horrific levels of obsession, but otherwise D2 is very fun and I enjoy it far more than I thought I would. I’ve made new friends playing it and regularly socialize with people in voice chats now, which is quite nice during the pandemic.


Just kidding. This is a bigger life update: I left my job! I am moving back into my main career interest, which is doing stuff with websites. That’s what I was most interested in doing during my last role, so it’s what I want to focus on next.

I think of web development as pretty intimidating—on good days, I’m confident in my ability to learn anything (skills can be learned); on bad days, I’m convinced that I am too stupid and I will never be good enough to do this. It’s a roller coaster. Usually the bad days are stronger and more frequent than the good ones, so it’s a bit of a battle to get over them. It be like that sometimes.


I’m designing a set of keycaps called DSA Gardenfall. This has been exciting to bring to life, with the help and support of many people.

Side projects

There are quite a lot of projects I would like to work on, some more aspirational than others. I’ll list them here even though I feel silly doing so:

  • Latte dot works is my keyboard website
  • Anh dot codes is my dumping ground. I would like to use it more
  • Think and write more about the website site that I want.
  • ???