Seattle, in August

In August, I went back to Seattle with my partner, for four days this time. (See May photos).

Day 1

We walked around the city and pier, and did some shopping. I pushed my Tri-X film +1 and didn’t like the results.

Tall buildings along the waterfront. Buildings along the pier.
Buildings as seen from our hotel window. Me sitting at a table in an empty courtyard.
Metal stairs along the side of a building. A shadowed alleyway with lights hanging between the buildings.
My partner leaning against the window overlooking an intersection.
Me sitting with my laptop in our hotel room.

Researching where to go.

Day 2

We visited the library (beautiful!) and the art museum (not pictured).

A public space with tables and chairs, where many people are spending time under the shade of trees.
Outside of the public library. Going up the escalator.
Looking up at the support column that extends up through the whole library.
The slanted, diagonal windows of the library. The plaza on the ground floor outside the library.
Looking past trees into a courtyard with benches. The platform of the lightrail.

Day 3

On our third day, we walked down to the Space Needle and Museum of Pop Culture.

A yellow mural with hands making the peace sign. A distribution transformer painted pink that says 'I've fallen madly in like with you.'
The wavy, metal walls of the museum.

The side of the Museum of Pop Culture

The monorail track leading through the museum building.
Looking up at the Space Needle.
Seattle cityscape, sceen through the windows of the monorail.

We took the monorail back downtown.

City buildings and monorail track below.
Window looking out at the restaurant patio Amazon building that's three big glass globes.

Day 4

We were fortunate to visit Ludi’s Restaurant & Lounge, a Filipino diner, during its last few weeks of business. Here’s an article that talks about its impact on the local community.

Blue and yellow sign that says Ludi's Restaurant and Lounge and Breakfast All Day. Poster inside showing longsilog.

Our last stop was the University of Washington, which was as beautiful as I had heard. Since it was summer, campus wasn’t busy.

Side of a building that looks like a cathedral.
A water fountain in the middle of campus. Me, sitting on a bench outside in the strong sunlight.

We visited the Suzzallo Library, i.e. the library with the Harry Potter room. We ended up staying there for a few hours because we were tired, and it made for a quiet and comfortable place to sit and edit photos.

Outside of the library, which looks like a cathedral.
Entrance to a brick building Starbucks counter inside.
Looking through an archway. Grand marble staircase inside.
Tall windows and support columns inside.