My white split keyboard and a Starbucks coffee cup on my desk.
coffee time
A small potted plant.
baby’s first plant
View of boats and a dock outside a restaurant window. There are lots of clouds and a bright blue sky.
Far away view of a concert with purple lighting. The screens show a singer wearing a red shirt.
red hot chili peppers
Water and mountains skyline in Vancouver on a sunny day.
Two geese on the sidewalk
Some fluffy pieces of bread and a bowl of delicious looking soup.
extremely life-changing bread
A big mug of tea in between my keyboard on my desk. Lots of messy cables in the background.
A hobonichi 2023 spring planner.
in my physical planner phase
Keyboard with an F1 keycap in place of a proper 1 keycap.
press f(1) to pay respects to my missing keycap
KAM little pilot keycaps on a keyboard with a bunch of modifier keys missing.
I got this far and then realized I did not have normal modifiers
A rice cooker small enough that I'm holding it in my hand.
I bought a new tiny rice cooker and it is like so tiny
A film camera, traveller’s notebook, and fountain pen on my desk.