A pale blue sky at dusk with pink clouds.
sometimes you see the pinkest sky you've ever seen and you have to run out and look
Mirror selfie of me wearing a thick black sweater.
suddenly it is cold
The Peace Arch at the US-Canada border, with the Canadian flag mounted above.
The Peace Arch on the opposite side, with the US flag above.
at the border between the US and Canada
Carly Rae Jepsen performing under red lights, viewed from the side.
carly rae jepsen, magical
Looking out the window of a cafe, with strong shadows.
sat around and looked at nothing in particular
A neon sign in a restaurant that reads 'Life is short. Time flies fast. Enjoy every moment as it comes!'
ate a thicc bowl of pasta here, among other things
A 50s exhibit, with neon signs hanging above and a vintage car.
A bunch of event posters in English and Chinese, featuring bold graphic design, on top of a bright orange tablecloth.
Exhibit sign that reads 'A Seat at the Table'. The sign is a tall white box with red text, in both English and Chinese.
a seat at the table / on chinese immigration
Concert photo of Sunmi playing the bass.
Zoomed in concert photo of Sunmi as she's singing under purple and blue lights.
Seeing Sunmi perform after three years was magical
A far-away concert photo of Sunmi, who's wearing a red dress and speaking to the audience.
This made me wish I had a newer phone with a better camera
Holding a concert photocard that reads 'Good Girl Gone Mad.
A round, geometric water fountain in a courtyard in downtown Vancouver. Brutalist-style buildings are visible in the background.
Silhouette of a woman biking by the water. The sky is cloudy and orange with smoke.
half the sky was orange from the smoke of the fires down south
A waterfront bike path, looking out at the Vancouver cityscape across the water.
A bouquet of white and blue flowers.
bouquet, bloom, blue, beautiful,
A slightly blurry iced latte next to my laptop at a cafe.
A top-down photo of my all-black outfit, taken outside in strong sunlight.
me? wear too much black in the sun? it’s more likely than you think!
A vase of flowers and glasses of water on an pink picnic table, on a lovely summer evening.
our friends were late so we amused ourselves by taking photos of the table decor
Myself across the dinner table. I have short hair and wear glasses.
I wish my hair always looked this nice
A cute latte with a heart, next to my laptop at a cafe.
a romantic latte at the coffee shop
A dramatic sunbeam over a magazine, next to some iced drinks and red flower petals.
artfully arranging props to take this photo
Small boats in the water.
An outdoor concert with a crowd standing in front of the stage. In the background are mountains and clouds, and the sun is getting low.
Khruangbin, on a perfect summer day
Looking up at vibrant pink cherry blossom trees.