Concert photo of Sunmi playing the bass.
Zoomed in concert photo of Sunmi as she's singing under purple and blue lights.
Seeing Sunmi perform after three years was magical
A far-away concert photo of Sunmi, who's wearing a red dress and speaking to the audience.
This made me wish I had a newer phone with a better camera
Holding a concert photocard that reads 'Good Girl Gone Mad.
A round, geometric water fountain in a courtyard in downtown Vancouver. Brutalist-style buildings are visible in the background.
Silhouette of a woman biking by the water. The sky is cloudy and orange with smoke.
half the sky was orange from the smoke of the fires down south
A waterfront bike path, looking out at the Vancouver cityscape across the water.
A bouquet of white and blue flowers.
bouquet, bloom, blue, beautiful,
A slightly blurry iced latte next to my laptop at a cafe.
A top-down photo of my all-black outfit, taken outside in strong sunlight.
me? wear too much black in the sun? it’s more likely than you think!
A vase of flowers and glasses of water on an pink picnic table, on a lovely summer evening.
our friends were late so we amused ourselves by taking photos of the table decor
Myself across the dinner table. I have short hair and wear glasses.
I wish my hair always looked this nice
A cute latte with a heart, next to my laptop at a cafe.
a romantic latte at the coffee shop
A dramatic sunbeam over a magazine, next to some iced drinks and red flower petals.
artfully arranging props to take this photo
Small boats in the water.
An outdoor concert with a crowd standing in front of the stage. In the background are mountains and clouds, and the sun is getting low.
Khruangbin, on a perfect summer day
Looking up at vibrant pink cherry blossom trees.