Style Guide

  • Blog post titles and headings: sentence case
  • Digital garden titles: title case
    • These titles are more precise
  • Refrain from all-lowercase chill vibes as default. This should be a deliberate choice based on the topic.
  • Single quotes, not double, except when there’s nesting involved. Then: double outside, single inside.
  • Italicize: movie and tv shows, video games, books. TBD for music.
  • When using the following structure:
    • Bolded point form title of thing: Further description of it here, elaborating on whatever detail.
    • If bolding, don’t bold the colon
  • Lists: should I end items with a period, unless the item is a sentence fragment?
    • This should end in a period.
    • Not me tho
    • Tbh I’m not sure about this rule, I keep breaking it as I write this very page, so I don’t think my intuition is working
    • Might scrap it
    • General idea: omitting ending punctuation conveys more informal, casual writing. A mild sense of uncertainty, or vs. the decisiveness of a period. Compare:
      • Might scrap it
      • Might scrap it.