MEOW. Game of the year. I feel so dizzy playing this (as I do for many third-person games) but it is delightful. There’s a meow button. The music and sound design is wonderful. The atmosphere is incredible.

Spoiler alert: These are screenshots of different Stray locations and scenes, but no story or plot spoilers.

Two cats touching noses in a beam of sunlight.
Cat standing in front of a blue-lit alleyway.
The lighting and environments are gorgeous.
Cat napping next to a robot playing a guitar-like instrument on the street, bathed in warm light.
The music sheet sidequest is my favourite.
Cat approaching a tall building at night, which seems infested by creepy organic material that promises danger.
Cat sitting on a crowded desk full of computers.
This segment is a Back to the Future reference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paint spilled on the ground, with little paint paw prints around it from the cat walking through it.
One of my favourite details is how you can track paint around 🐾
Cat approaching a street full of neon signage.
Cat sleeping on some pillows in a cozy room next to a gramophone.
This cozy apartment was one of my favourite settings.