Love Live: School Idol Festival

Surprisingly, I haven’t written about Love Live: School Idol Festival (LLSIF) on here yet, considering how consuming its gacha lootbox mechanism is. Gambling is bad, don’t get into gacha games. With that said, I play LLSIF to accumulate rare cards of my best girl, get a momentary high when I do get a card I like, and then immediately forget about it. Sometimes I play a song or two when I remember.

Ultra rare Eli card.
I wanted this card for years and was going to save up the in-game currency for months to increase my odds of getting it, but then I spent $10 to do a gacha pull and now that I have it, I am free from this game.
Ultra rare Kotori card.
I actually really like this card, but I forgot I even got it until I went through my screenshots for this post.

To reiterate: gacha games are bad. Don’t do it.