Little Orpheus

I started this without looking into it past the high app store ratings, and it blew me away with how pretty it was. It’s a platformer so the game mechanics are simple (though kind of finicky on a touch screen). I made it through the first chapter, which takes place in a foresty environment, and it was atmospheric and dreamy. The sound design is great. And there are dinosaurs!!! I got to live out my Jurassic Park dreams of running around a t-rex’s gaze. (they’re not dreams, it was very tense, i’m a weenie when it comes to stealth)

Standing in a pond with sunlight shining through trees.
lush as hell
A T-rex looking for my character behind a rock.
ughhh look at that t-rex and its giant face. you can't hear its breathing through the picture but oof its breathing

bonus content: I tweeted about this and the game studio sent me a link to this sovietwave mixtape, which is a whole new genre to me. It’s pretty cool.