Garden Galaxy

An isometric 3d model of cute home and plant themed items, like fences, animal planters, flowers, and many different plants. The lighting is dark and the environment is lit by various lanterns and campfires.

I started playing the demo for this the other day and I am completely obsessed with it. It tickles the same part of my brain that really enjoys Dorfromantik—placing things neatly, cute and colourful tiles, soft cozy vibes, charming sounds and interactions.

Unlike Dorfromantik, Garden Galaxy is more of a sandbox game and doesn’t have a scoring system or win/lose mechanic. You don’t run out of items to place, though each one you get is random.

One of my favourite things was discovering new items as I played—my favourite items are the little animal planters.

The demo is available now, with the full game coming out Dec. 14 (i.e. next week, as of writing this).

Highly recommend!!