Final Fantasy XIV

February 2024

Grinding my way through post-ARR quests, trying to make it to Heavensward. Since my subscription lapsed, I now only play when there’s a free login campaign for returning users, lmao

Feb. 13 update

I’ve subscribed for the month, so now I must play as much as possible, lmao. I did my first alliance raids (Crystal Tower), which were chaotic but also kind of exciting (and apparently, relatively easy ?!?).

Cut scene shot of my character, a cat girl with pink hair, wearing a coat and low cut top.
it me
A few players seated around another player playing a harp at the golden saucer.
a moving performance
My character sitting on the beach at sunset, looking at her cat minion.

October 2022

It took almost a year, but I finally finished A Realm Reborn!!! It took much cajoling and carrying from friends.

November 2021

I’ve never played an FF game. Trying out the free trial. The fantasy names are very amusing and I don’t know what’s going on yet.

My character, with cat ears and pink hair.
I am a cat girl and the default outfit is very revealing.