Dressup Games

alright, mid-2000s throwback: like every other girl on the internet in their early years, I was into dressup games (a classic genre!!!). I revisited the genre and found that dressup sites are still alive and well. Then I found this thread by Angie Jones, who wrote about how she revamped a dressup game she’s built since 2008.

how cool is that? despite how formative the internet was on my childhood, I never got into coding or designing until much later—art was the one and only influence for a long time, and I never seriously pursued that as a long-term career thing.

these days, I’m looking back at these things with nostalgia. The small, creative internet. Aaaahhhh, how to escape the addiction to the bird app and other sins.

anyway, here are images from two dressup games I played: Vintage Western and Groovy Retro.

A cowboy-themed outfit and a retro outfit.