This is a relaxing building game where you connect hexagonal tiles together. I like it because it’s satisfying to find the perfect place to place tiles so that you form a lovely countryside.

My colourful village.
forests, fields, towns, rivers, and railroads.

I got very into playing this over the summer. I found it both meditative and addictive. I played a whole bunch of it while making my way through all the X-Men movies, and clawed my way up rank #167 on the leaderboard.

A big busy map with few empty spots.
My main save file, passing 200,000 points.

Since then, I’ve stopped playing this file though because it got too large. Every single tile required thinking through where they’d fit best, and I had to remember what gaps I had and which weird tiles would fit. This ended up requiring too much focus, and now that I’ve stopped, I’ve forgotten what my map looks like. If I started up again, I’d have to re-learn it, which is just too daunting a task.

These days, I just play quick mode, which limits you to placing just 75 tiles, and takes about 15 minutes to play. It’s a perfect morning coffee kind of game, and I used to spend some very nice Saturday mornings playing it.

A much smaller and condensed map of 75 tiles.
A quick mode map, with a score of 4090.