⚠️ Spoiler Alert

This contains screenshots of the game, and I recommend not looking at them if you plan on playing it because the visuals are wonderful to discover for yourself.


finished main story

Incredible visuals, mysterious and spooky atmosphere, fun abilities, interesting lore. Highly recommend.

I am…not good at the combat, but it never felt Too Difficult to complete. There’s an assist mode to lower the difficulty, which I might switch on for the post-game content that I do find quite challenging.

The main story is still confusing and I don’t quite get it, but I think it’s meant to be that way.

upon starting

I started this knowing next to nothing about it, except that it’s good. The atmosphere is spooky, the plot and setting are intriguing, and I’m excited to discover more. I’m also very glad that my many hours of Destiny have made me confident in my shooting ability.


Control has a photo mode, which is great because there are so many stunning visuals in the game.

A blue-lit quarry with a dark and mysterious sky.
the quarry.
Looking down a long, twisted hallway with floating blocks.
the twisted passage.
A twisted pathway, like looking down many rotated square frames.
the prime candidate program.
A wall of plants amid grey concrete.
the setting is a brutalist government building, which makes the plant accents stand out. Also, what a gorgeous shade of green.
The player looking at a mirror version of herself, standing in a red-lit room.
the mirror dimension. The lighting throughout the game is incredible.