5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel

lmao. what a concept. I failed to make any progress in a game with the computer because I don’t know how to get to checkmate, things just kept progressing with like six different timelines. it’s on steam and I recommend it because it’s so bizarre and entertaining.

Example mechanic: a bishop moves in two dimensions in chess, right? the x and the y axes. In 5D chess, it also moves in two dimensions, but there are more dimensions: x and y and temporal and multiverse. So you can go back in time and move in x, for example. (yeah, technically it’s 4D chess.)

Rook moving through time.
A rook moves any distance through one dimension. Here, it can move along the X or Y dimensions in the present, or it can go back in time (the temporal dimension) for any number of previous boards.

Then I went on normal chess dot com to play against computer level 1, lost after making a series of blunders, played more level 1 games and constantly used the undo function whenever it yelled BLUNDER! MISTAKE! at me, and won from doing that. Hahahahaha.