Drawing  of a room with a media stand, record player, and books. Inside the stand cabinet are a few records. On the walls, there are two large posters, one of the movie Oppenheimer and another of a game screenshot. There is a cat tree in one corner and a plant in the other. The art style is very simplistic and blocky.

finally working on an idea I've been turning around in my mind for a while: combining an illustrated isometric background + images from my media diary, to be automatically updated whenever I update the diary. Isometric because it simplifies the transforms needed on the media images.

elements are currently SVGs; I'm undecided on continuing with that or exporting pngs. I think my satisfaction with this will depend entirely on the art, which I haven't started yet—these are all placeholders while I figured out the css and general interactions. The actual art direction is—well, daunting. All my artistic shortcomings (of which there are infinite) are coming out as I work on this.

despite that, I feel quite excited about this, which is novel, because I haven't made anything new in months and that feels bad. I really want to make this something I am happy with and proud of, instead of whatever just publish it.

currently sharing progress stuff on twitter.

A cat sitting in a window. The window is open, with the right side blurring the rest of the cat.

had an idea for an art thing for my site, and then I had a CSS idea i involving backdrop-filter: blur (because glassy blurs are all the rage now), a window interaction that opens with translateX(n%), and a cat. I think I want to revisit the idea of doing something kind of artsy with CSS/SVG stuff?? I tried something like that long ago but then dropped it, but I feel inspired again (thanks spiderverse) to revisit it.

i wish i could update this more often but i simply am not designing things in my free time :( high volume posting what??? why does this make me feel like such a fake designer

Web page screenshot of a window formatted to look like a messaging client. On the left sidebar is a list of contexts: 'Professional', 'the personal', and 'artist', all with different avatars. The right side is a chat window for 'Professional', where there are a couple of messages of me introducing myself, written formally. The message box says 'you cannot send a message to this user'.

making an about page and reconciling the many voices it could take 💭

Brief descriptions of the computer and keyboard I use, but formatted so that they look like yugioh cards

thought about making a /uses page and then i had an idea (wip 💭)