date name summary
10 Aug 2022 The photo gallery, returned f u, instagram
2 Jul 2022 Reading List adding a reading list to the media diary
6 Jun 2022 Refactoring the garbage messy
1 Apr 2022 New Notebook eventually, everyone tries to build a to do app. this is a process journal.
24 Nov 2021 Website Visual Novel The process of building out my visual novel site.
19 Nov 2021 Making a Games Collection moving my game reviews to individual posts instead of a single post compilation
9 Nov 2021 Redesigning Local Designer Woman Decides To Redesign Her Website Because She Found A New Font She Likes
10 Oct 2021 Table of Contents in Eleventy plugin to generate heading id tags; js to grab those and insert into the page; enable in post frontmatter
1 Oct 2021 Notes on Lost Sector Today My little Destiny 2 website. I made this because I wanted specific game info organized in a specific way, along with my own notes.
9 Aug 2021 Dressup Progress short notes on updating this
17 Jan 2021 Weeknotes 1–2 using Mavo to build a media catalogue. some short media notes. meta thoughts about the purpose of this blog and website.