Games 2021

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    Games I played in 2021, continually updated. Really, this is going to be dominated by one game.

    Back 4 Blood

    Tried the beta version of it. It lagged a lot for me and eventually my game crashed. It was fun though, like Left 4 Dead 2 with better graphics. I didn't quite understand the deck-building mechanic but was able to ignore that for the most part.

    Destiny 2

    I play this too much. I have a silly little website for it, which I've been meaning to convert into more of a digital garden type thing to store permanent info, to replace how I've been using Notion. idk

    My character taking a selfie with a thumbs up.

    selfie in my first run of expunge labyrinth

    Dishonored 2

    (in progress)

    On a boat outside the edge of the city.

    view from the end of the first mission

    Neko Atsume

    Returning to this. It's cute.

    Twelve Minutes

    (in progress) Intriguing, though repetitive.