Past Designs

I redesign my site a lot! Here are screenshots of past designs. More detailed notes can be found in my Changelog.

May 2022

A big redesign. I wrote extensively about it in a blog post. Fonts: Tiempos Text and Headline, Inconsolata.

The homepage. There's a hidden feature here.

Journal page.

March 2022

Dark mode again.

Fonts: Be Vietnam Pro, Neue Machina, Space Mono

November 2021

Two things: I redesigned my site, and then created my little visual novel adventure.

For the redesign, I finally bought a license to Tiempos Text, one of my favourite serif fonts, and tried out light mode.

Fonts: Tiempos Text + Headline, Hatton, Inconsolata

The visual novel project. I wrote more about this in a blog post.

??? 2021

Fonts: Span, Inter, Inconsolata

Fall 2020

I think this was the first full site design.

Fonts: Span, Trade Gothic Next, Odisseia