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1 Apr 2022
eventually, everyone tries to build a to do app. this is a process journal.
17 Jan 2022
how many things can possibly go wrong
1 Jan 2022
fixing my site redesign details
9 Nov 2021
Local Designer Woman Decides To Redesign Her Website Because She Found A New Font She Likes
10 Oct 2021
plugin to generate heading id tags; js to grab those and insert into the page; enable in post frontmatter
1 Oct 2021
My little Destiny 2 website. I made this because I wanted specific game info organized in a specific way, along with my own notes.
22 Sep 2021
flowers in spring? groundbreaking.
19 Aug 2021
more games in 2021. Except it's mostly Destiny 2.
2 Aug 2021
firing up the old blog again. the updates: still playing lots of destiny; still working on keycaps; quit my job; playing around with ~sideprojects~ and working on my little websites.
14 Feb 2021
pixel pushing keycaps. doing hourly comic day, but just a little bit. continuing work on my theme and curating the sample posts to display on the demo. playing too much destiny.
31 Jan 2021
building a new tumblr theme. building a new keyboard! designing a keyset. gaming.
17 Jan 2021
using Mavo to build a media catalogue. some short media notes. meta thoughts about the purpose of this blog and website.
31 Dec 2020
I played a lot of games this year, mostly on Steam. Memorable games include Dishonored, Hades, Left 4 Dead 2, and Sayonara Wild Hearts.
19 Dec 2020
the process of creating the future funk teaser video, from sketch ideating to illustration to animation. This was definitely not the best way to go about it (don't use photoshop to animate things) but it was a very fun experience.
26 Sep 2020
here's the blog post where I talk about my keyboard, like a nerdy tech man writing about his computer setup
10 Dec 2019
this was my first serious attempt at pixel art. It's based on the game Hyper Light Drifter, which features beautiful and atmospheric pixel art.
18 Oct 2019
I visited Seattle for four days and took lots of photos. Sights seen include: the library, the seattle art museum, the museum of pop culture, and the university of washington. also, shopping.
21 Sep 2019
digital + film photo diary of victoria, bc