Personal Website

meta about this website and personal websites in general.


putting into writing how I intend this site to be. I expect this to change over time as I build more things and figure out what works in practice.

  • Personal over commercial: the primary purpose of this site is to be a personal space. I am not optimizing for hiring managers or clients, though they're part of my potential audience.
  • Local over global reach: things should be meaningful to myself and the small subset of people who might care. I am not trying to connect with as many people as possible.
  • Gardening over architecture: if I think too much about how I want to best architect my website for longevity or efficiency or whatever, I'll get stuck thinking about hypotheticals instead of actually writing/creating xyz. I can organize (garden) as I go along; it's better to have messy content to organize than to ensure the environment it would eventually exist in is perfect. Do the bare minimum necessary to set the foundation.
  • Earnest over impartial: I am trying to be positive, curious and excited about what I'm doing. One of my goals this year is to be friendlier and connect with folks who share these interests. A way I'm thinking about this is, how would I write about this if I were excitedly explaining it to a friend?