Daily Games

I play two daily games:

  • Framed – guess the movie based on six screenshots
  • NYT Connections – group words into groups of four

I used to play:

  • Worldle – guess the country based on its shape
  • Chrono – put historical events in chronological order


I play Worldle because two friends play it, and we share our results every day. They are much better at geography than I am. We’ve been playing long enough (months) that the solutions are repeating, and I still don’t remember the shapes. On the occasion that an easy one comes up (Canada, Japan, Italy) I celebrate. Most of the time, I’m guessing and narrowing down my choices by the distance hints. This game makes me realize I have no idea what countries look like, even if I could point them out on a map.


I’m in a discord server with the creators of Chrono, and some of us share our results every day. I do much better at this than with Worldle—most of the time, I get the right answer in the three allotted guesses. However, usually I don’t remember the actual years. I’ve played long enough that I see the same events come up repeatedly, but I couldn’t tell you what century they happened in for the most part.

I can’t remember why I stopped playing the original Wordle (probably losing my combo), but I think it was sometime shortly after its acquisition by the NYT.

I think if I didn’t have a small circle of people to directly share my results with, I wouldn’t still be playing these. Posting into the ether (e.g. on twitter) isn’t the same; the point is to compare your results each day.