Lost Sector Today

created for the purpose of tracking the schedule and details of a rotating activity in Destiny 2

in which the designer enjoys the organized information and typography

published & maintained as a personal project

fall 2021

Lost Sector Today is a reference site for the video game Destiny 2, which has an activity called ‘Lost Sector.’ There’s a different sector and reward every day, but the game only shows that info for the current day. I wanted to see the upcoming schedule to plan when I would do the activity, so I created this site to track the rotation.

For your perusal
Calendar of May, showing the sector name and reward.
The calendar of events, tracking the location and reward.
Enemy information of a particular sector.
Detail page of a particular location.
Information about the activity.
About page, explaining the activity.
Small screens.
Calendar, displayed as a list.
Details page.
About page.

Additional details:

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