a web app

Keyboard Dressup

created for the purpose of demonstrating the possibilities of DSA Gardenfall ✨

in which the designer enjoys how easy it is to see what novelties will look like on different keyboards

in progress to be published when Gardenfall is open for pre-orders


Keyboard Dressup is an unreleased tool I'm building to accompany my upcoming keycap set DSA Gardenfall. Dressup allows you to customize a keyboard with different novelty keycaps.

I haven't published it yet.

GIF showing how to change and rotate novelty icons.
Click to place novelty icon.

The first edition of Keyboard Dressup was a fun toy I built back in spring 2020 to try out different colour combinations for mechanical keyboards.

Screenshot of customizing an Ergodox layout.
Version 1: Try out different keycaps and swap out colours for various keyboard layouts.